Posted by: Nathan Schulzke | February 22, 2010

AGW in its Death Throes

In Europe, that is.  Yet another retraction in the IPCC report has been made, this time about rising sea levels.  But in America, our press is still ignoring the collapse of the “settled science” that was Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Instapundit reader Chuck Browning writes:

Didn’t President Obama predict the sea levels would cease to rise or something to that effect, if he were elected?

That he did.  And he was right!

More about the European left’s attacks on the AGW consensus, and our media’s lack of attention here:

When the British press attacked the IPCC, the US media insofar as they noted the British attacks at all, dismissed newspapers like the Telegraph and the Times as right wing outlets — Fox News in print.  What do they say about this latest inconvenient truth: that left wing papers on the Continent increasingly believe that the movement to get a global climate treaty is dead and that the follies, dilettantism and errors of the climate change advocates rather than the churlishness of their critics is to blame?


The blogosphere has shamed some leading US newspapers into paying perfunctory attention to one of the biggest stories in several years.  But there’s still no sign that the US press is ready to pursue this still unfolding story with anything like the determination it deserves.  Until then, Americans will have to rely on the internet to watch this story unfold — and every day that goes on, the mainstream US media lose readers and respect.

That last part, of course, is long overdue.


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