Posted by: Nathan Schulzke | May 21, 2010

Everbody Draw Mohammed Day — The Aftermath

Well, Facebook took down the page for Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.  Stupid cowards.

EDIT: As of the 21st, it’s back up.  Apparently one of the administrators had his information hacked, and he closed the site in a hurry.  It’s back up without him now.

The good news?  It seems to have done fairly well.  Reason had a nice piece on the event yesterday.

The winners of Reason’s “Everybody Draw Mohammed” day contest are:


This is not a pipe.

It’s Muhammad.

Connect the dots Mohammed!  Yay!

And, lastly, my favorite:

Where’s Mohammed?

Hint:  He’s the little black robed figure in the upper right. =-P

Tune in next year!  Actually, I think one of these days would be best at least once a month, but until I can get that idea through a subcommittee, we’ll stick with annual.



  1. Ah, I blew it. It slipped my mind, and I didn’t make a contribution. I’ll make a belated drawing and try to remember next year. It’s good to see the success, though. A worthy stand.

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