Posted by: Nathan Schulzke | June 30, 2010


And… Tennessee is following Arizona’s footsteps.  May the will of the people continue to spread.

As a side note, a lefty blogger on the same site has posted the usual bullcrap about “law enforcement arresting innocents, yada yada.”

Seems to me the above headline could also read, People arrested to determine immigration status. What’s the next “duty” law enforcement will be asked to perform? Checking to see if all taxes are paid?

The commenters aren’t amused:

How can this be viewed as racial profiling, if jailers check all inmates for legal residency?

Uh, yes…it actually *is* law enforcement’s duty to enforce the law, including tax law and immigration law. Who did you think enforced the law, the ladies at the DMV?

Even stipulating that “profiling” is a “bad” thing, how is it “profiling” if the immigration status of EVERY arrestee (ie regardless of gender, age or physical appearance) is checked?

Put a little differently, for those who believe its a travesty for law enforcement officer to actually enforce the immigration laws, when is it EVER appropriate to determine whether or not someone is in the country illegally?

WOW! Talk about an incredible leap of logic. Suddenly checking on the immigration status of an inmate magically becomes WE’RE ARRESTING INNOCENT PEOPLE FOR NO REASON!

What? You definitely embarrassed yourself here Mr. Silence.


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