Posted by: Nathan Schulzke | June 30, 2010

Mike Lee, Demagogue

The Republican Primary that took place last week basically picked our next senator. And I’m furious about the result.

Mike Lee, the winner, is a shameless demagogue, and, as Sarah pointed out on the way home from Bridgewater’s Election Results Party in Salt Lake, he won this race because he shares that trait with Obama.

His entire campaign was based on smearing Bridgewater. An equally shameless demagogue, Glenn “God’s Gift to Radio” Beck, joined in on something he knew nothing about, throwing Mike Lee the easy questions after reluctantly agreeing to have Bridgewater on as well.  Meanwhile, Jim DeMint decided to get a Senator in Utah who is sympathetic to his state’s need for a nuclear dump. Bob Lonsberry was fired from KNRS, days before the primary, after making the mistake of opposing Mike Lee. Lee represented KNRS’s top advertiser, EnergySolutions, in their attempt to bring nuclear waste to Utah.

All of those things should have backfired on him, but they worked as intended. Why? Why can’t people see through the demagoguery? Why can’t people see that they are being manipulated?


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