Posted by: Nathan Schulzke | August 3, 2010

Teachers Unions

From the Chicago Tribune:

A year or two ago, I received this e-mail. The writer was upset with me for arguing that school principals should have the power to fire teachers who do not perform. As numerous educators have told me, union protections being what they are, dumping a teacher — even a bad one — is an almost impossible task.

My correspondent, a teacher, took issue with my desire to see that changed, noting that without those protections, she’d be at the mercy of some boss who decided one day to fire her.

In other words, she’d be just like the rest of us.

Public school teachers have more job security than virtually any other people on the planet.  They are paid more than many other jobs requiring equal or greater skill, work only 9 months, getting 3 months of paid vacation, are swamped with benefits, and cannot be fired, even in cases of abuse.  And the unions still insist that they need more.


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