Posted by: Nathan Schulzke | September 28, 2011

Ben-Hur a Palestinian?

Political Correctness run amok:

William Wyler‘s 1959 epic, “Ben-Hur,” which dominated the Academy Awards in winning 11 Oscars, including best film, director, actor (Charlton Heston) and supporting actor (Hugh Griffith), is getting the superstar treatment in Warner’s 50th-anniversary ultimate collection edition arriving Tuesday in both regular DVD and Blu-ray.

Based on the novel by Lew Wallace, the period drama revolves around Judah Ben-Hur (Heston), a Palestinian nobleman [bold font by Big Hollywood] who is enslaved by the Romans, engages in one of the most thrilling chariot races ever captured on screen, and even encounters Jesus Christ.

Really?  Palestinian?  Last I checked, Ben-Hur was a Hebrew last name, and Judah a Hebrew first name.

Fact: there were no “Palestinians” at the time that Ben-Hur is set.  The LA Times, like its counterpart in New York, seems determined to make a complete fool of itself with its blatantly anti-Semitic nonsense.


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